Le Petit Portrait

The Art of the Small...

I have been working with Art-O-Mat, a company that repurposes vintage cigarette machines into art dispensing machines that are found in theaters, museums and public spaces around the country.

Currently my "Edward Series" can be found in their artist line up.

If you happen to be someone who has purchased one of my "Le Petit Portrait" pieces then by all means please contact me and send a message letting me know what you think of the piece, where you got it, etc. Anything is appreciated.

As you can see from my other work I generally make very large pieces (literally scenery pieces for theater) so projects like "Le Petit" give me an opportunity to make things that are very small.

If you are interested in more of my work, aside from theater that is, I do take private commissions and will be placing some of my work on-line for sale here sporadically.

All of the "Edward Series" is completely built by hand. The easels, frames, boxes and paintings themselves are all made by me in the scene shop that I normally make set pieces in. My staff observed "This is just a little bit on the crazy side, you know that right?"

Each box and painting set takes about 18 to 24 hours to complete, spread out over a period of time to allow for drying, etc. All of the pieces are made from basic hobby balsa wood and wood glue. All of the paints (I use gouache, a gold leaf specialty paint and a gel stain) are water soluble save for a coating of polyurethane that gets sprayed on the painting surface at the very end of the process. The easels are hinged using craft paper. The ink used on all of the illustration work is a fine tip sharpie.

The portraits are based on an actual person. One of my obsessions as a visual artist is photos from the turn of the last century. I find my sources from books I have collected over the years. I switch subjects every batch of fifty, but the subjects themselves are not necessarily the point of the whole project. They are merely a piece of the whole art experience that started when you put your money into that Art-O-Mat machine and selected a piece of art. As an American artist I am concerned with the art of craft and craft as style more than I am concerned with classifying things as folk revival or neo americana.

I have recently started making special edition limited runs of my Le Petit Portraits. These are often themed to a current topical event. You can find them in my on-line shop.


Le Petit Portraits ready to mail!